In-Lane Cash Weighment

APG Cash Drawer manufacturer of innovative, high-quality cash drawers, custom design solutions, and SMARTtill®Technology at the point of sale, announced today the adoption  in-lane cash management weighment protocols and standards.

 The standards are set by Conexxus – a technology organization dedicated to the development and implementation of standards, technologies innovation, and advocacy for the convenience store and retail fueling market. The standards allow for simplified and consistent integration between retailers POS terminal/application and the supported in lane weighment devices. 

APG has been at the forefront of cash management solutions and is adhering to a game-changing set of standards to help improve the profitability of their partners all over the world.

Bob Stone, APG’s Global Vice President of Product said, “The success of our business relies on our ability to react quickly and effectively to the needs of our partners. Adherence to the Conexxus standards will allow us to support our software integrators and customers as they push the boundaries of cash management technology for the benefit of retailers and the hospitality industry.”

APG’s SMARTtill® Solution is a revolution in cash management, enabling retailers to reduce cash losses, reduce the cost of cash handling, and improve in-store productivity. The company’smission is to harness its unique expertise to strengthen retailer’s success and earn the loyalty of valued channel partners through reliable, secure, and world leading innovative POS solutions